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Altered Dosage Form Considerations for Therapists & Athletic Trainers

presented by Demetra Antimisiaris PharmD, CGP, FASCP

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Alteration of dosage forms can play a critical role in therapeutic success or failure. What constitutes drug dosage form alteration is often under-recognized. This course provides physical therapists (PTs), occupational therapists (OTs), and Athletic Trainers (ATs) with a primer on the significance of drug dosage form design, FDA dosing recommendations, and the biopharmaceutical implications of altering dosage form or dosing recommendations. We will also discuss real-world practice scenarios regarding the interplay between drug dosage alteration by various stakeholders and the potential impact on outcomes. Dosage form alteration awareness can empower the therapist and AT to detect and assess potential drug dose alterations and their relationship to drug toxicity or treatment failure.

Meet Your Instructor

Demetra Antimisiaris PharmD, CGP, FASCP

Demetra Antimisiaris (Dr. Dee) is the director of the University of Louisville's Frazier Polypharmacy and Medication Management Program. This program is dedicated to education, research, and outreach regarding polypharmacy. In addition to teaching Pharmacology to medical and dental students, Dr. Dee provides a weekly polypharmacy clinic and clinical consult service with the U of L…

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1. What Is Drug Dosage Form Alteration?

The learner is introduced to the concept of altered drug dosage forms and the potential impact of administration of a the drug under other than recommended conditions. The concepts of FDA drug monographs, prescribing information, and drug administration recommendations will be introduced.

2. Clinical Implications of Dosage Form Design and Altered Drug Dose Administration

In this chapter, a case study will be used to illustrate treatment failures traceable back to altered dosage forms or alteration administration conditions. The topics covered will be a review of therapeutic considerations related to changes in intended dosage forms. Consequences of altered oral dosage forms as well as a review of transdermal patch alterations pitfalls will be included.

3. Implications of Drug Dosage Form Alteration When Working With Therapy Patient and Athletes

This chapter focuses specifically on issues potentially encountered in the therapist and athletic training environment. We will look at administration and dosage form reasons for toxicity or lack of efficacy, and how a patient or athlete’s maintenance medications may impact outcomes should they be altered, not administered correctly, or used under other than normal conditions. The theoretical framework for the section will be a focus on the special situation that activity related to therapy and athletics presents.

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