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Art and Science of the Clinical Swallowing Examination

presented by Robert M. Miller, PhD, F-ASHA

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Video Runtime: 118 Minutes; Learning Assessment Time: 42 Minutes

This course title has been updated. The original title was: Clinical Examination for Dysphagia: New Tools to Aid in Assessment

This course was produced in order to expand our professional perspective relative to clinical assessments conducted for patients with dysphagia. It will explore the potential, as well as the limitations, of clinical examination, exploring both the science and art inherent in this methodology. Emphasis will be placed on expanding the repertoire of tools that can be used in clinical assessment and sharpening observational aptitude to improve diagnostic competence. As a clinician gains skill and confidence in the arts of interviewing, inspecting and analyzing, patterns of impairment will be appreciated and clinical insights into the processes underlying a patient's swallowing pathology will emerge.

Meet Your Instructor

Robert M. Miller, PhD, F-ASHA

Robert Miller spent the first thirty years of his career working in the Department of Veterans Affairs as a speech-language pathologist and Chief of Audiology and Speech Pathology at VA Puget Sound Health Care System. Dr. Miller also has an appointment as Clinical Associate Professor in the Departments of Rehabilitation Medicine and in Otolaryngology/Head and…

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Chapters & Learning Objectives

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1. An Operational Definition for a Clinical Examination

In the first chapter of this course, Dr. Miller lists component sections of a comprehensive clinical examination. He will teach the participant to recognize and describe what a comprehensive clinical exam can determine. He also specifies the limitations of a clinical examination.

2. Case History and Patient Interview

Dr. Miller describes relevant data related to swallowing that can be obtained from a thorough history review and interview. This chapter outlines specific questions that should be addressed to describe symptoms associated with dysphagia and that have developed as a result of dysphagia.

3. The Art and Science of Physical Examination

In this chapter, participants will learn to utilize new techniques in order to document clinical observations. Dr. Miller discusses new techniques used to document general physical data. Finally, participants will learn to utilize new techniques in order to document objective data from a focused head and neck examination.

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