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Business Law and Ethics for Physical Therapists and Health Professionals

presented by Ron Scott, PT, JD, EdD

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Video Runtime: 79 Minutes, Learning Assessments: 14 Minutes

This course provides a concise overview of current business law issues and concerns impacting physical and occupational therapists and all rehabilitation professionals in every practice setting. Coverage begins with discussion of health care malpractice management and prevention and includes a case study. Employment law and ethics topics include monitoring employees, preventing sexual harassment and misconduct, minimizing workplace violence, and participating in pro bono patient care and community service. Contract ethicolegal considerations focus on restrictive employment covenants imposed upon employees and others in health care settings. HIPAA and other current business law and ethics issues, including attorney-client relations, intellectual property rights, nondiscrimination in employment, and professional advertising, round out the one-hour discussion. Case studies are also included for the latter three topic areas.

Meet Your Instructor

Ron Scott, PT, JD, EdD

Dr. Scott is a health law attorney-mediator and educator. He is a faculty member at Rocky Mountain University, the University of Montana, Rehab Essentials, and MedBridge Inc. Dr. Scott's principal teaching interests include healthcare ethics, law, management, and policy. He developed two widely utilized health professional practice tools: the systems approach to ethical decision-making and…

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Chapters & Learning Objectives

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1. Malpractice Prevention

This chapter describes the five bases for health care malpractice liability, focusing on the most common one: professional negligence, or substandard care. Ideas for proactive malpractice prevention are offered. Listeners are encouraged to develop their own practice-specific risk management strategies and tactics.

2. Employment Law Issues

This chapter addresses hot-button employment law and ethics issues, including monitoring employees in the workplace, sexual harassment and misconduct, and health care fraud. Other topics include employment at will versus under contract, prevention and management of workplace violence, and pro bono and community service delivery. Two practical case studies are included for analysis.

3. Legal and Ethical Considerations in Health Care Contracts

This chapter explores the patient–health professional contract and the complexities of contracting for employment. Restrictive employment covenants are assessed, particularly “hold harmless” provisions and covenants not to compete (after ending employment). Strategies to minimize adverse consequences of such clauses are offered, and a case study reinforces learning.

4. HIPAA and Other Business Law Topics of Interest

This chapter reviews the federal HIPAA privacy statute, and surveys other business law and ethics topic areas of critical interest to health professionals. Specific topic areas include advertising professional services, attorney-client relations, protection of one’s intellectual property, and professional liability insurance.

5. PT Practice Owner’s Perspectives

The final section consists of a candid, semi-structured interview with a successful physical therapy practice owner. Issues discussed include current issues affecting the PT private practitioner, necessary advisors, relations with professional associations, third-party payers and government entities, and the future of private practice.

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