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Dysphagia Therapy: Prevention, Compensation, Rehabilitation

presented by Michael Crary, PhD, F-ASHA

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Effective strategies employed in the management of swallowing dysfunction in adult populations involve compensations, rehabilitation and prevention. Recognizing the appropriate domain of intervention and utilizing the appropriate tools within each category are vitally important. This course provides an overview of these domains of intervention and defines principles and rationale for food and liquid modifications. Dr. Crary describes the various maneuvers and postural adjustments that are employed in therapy and discusses the role of oromotor exercises in dysphagia treatment with emphasis on principles of motor learning and exercise.

For students interested in learning more about the future of swallowing evaluation and treatment, consider attending the Florida Dysphagia Institute 2.0 - a week long course featuring Dr. Michael Crary and Dr. Giselle Carnaby. The course takes place in Orlando, FL, and includes 32 Hours of CEUs with practical application, exhibitors and receptions. For more information visit the course WEBSITE or download the course BROCHURE.

Meet Your Instructor

Michael Crary, PhD, F-ASHA

Dr. Michael Crary is a professor in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders and Director of Swallowing Research Laboratory at the University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL. Dr. Crary specializes in disorders of swallowing in adults. He has published and lectured extensively, including internationally on these topics. He has received research funding from multiple…

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Chapters & Learning Objectives

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1. Overview: Prevention, Compensation, and Rehabilitation

In the first chapter of this course, Dr. Crary describes the theoretical and practical components of dysphagia management impacting prevention, compensation, and rehabilitation. Participants will learn to define and identify various management approaches that impact prevention, compensation, and rehabilitation.

2. Traditional Dysphagia Management Approaches: Food, Liquid Modifications

This chapter identifies common food and liquid modification practices in dysphagia management, including benefit and risk factors with each. Dr. Crary demonstrates how to incorporate advanced practices of modified foods and liquids into dysphagia management.

3. Traditional Dysphagia Management Approaches: Maneuvers, Postural Adjustments

Dr. Crary explains the intended applications and benefits for various swallowing maneuvers and postural adjustments employed in traditional dysphagia management. Participants will learn the proper application of each maneuver and adjustment, including appropriate patient selection and potential risk factors for each.

4. Traditional Dysphagia Management Approaches: Oro-Motor Techniques

This chapter presents oromotor exercises that have traditionally been applied to swallowing rehabilitation. Participants will gain an understanding of the strengths and limitations of traditional oromotor exercises for swallowing rehabilitation.

5. Newer Applications: A Focus on Rehabilitation

Participants will gain an understanding of basic exercise principles as applied to dysphagia rehabilitation. Dr. Crary discusses current exercise-based dysphagia rehabilitation programs with reference to applied exercise principles. Participants will be able to demonstrate appropriate application of exercise-based rehabilitation approaches and compensatory approaches to dysphagia management.

6. Q&A

Speech-language pathologist Dr. Robert Miller joins Dr. Crary for a question and answer session. The discussion covers key issues in dysphagia therapy, including alternatives to the standardized dysphagia diet and how studying groups of young healthy individuals can present limitations when you extend that research to wider patient populations.

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