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Evaluation and Treatment of the Adolescent Dancer

presented by Kristin Hayden Hebert, PT, DPT

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Video Runtime: 53 Minutes; Learning Assessment Time: 24 Minutes

Effective evaluation and treatment of dance-specific injuries can be difficult for clinicians who are unfamiliar with the demands of the dance population. This requires changes to not only the evaluation and assessment of the patient but also to the treatment throughout the phases of rehab to return to demanding activity. This course will introduce clinicians to a variety of conditions and injuries that frequently affect adolescent dancers. It will teach clinicians functional assessments to enhance their clinical decision-making for return-to-dance participation with these patients.

Meet Your Instructor

Kristin Hayden Hebert, PT, DPT

Kristin is a pediatric sports physical therapist at Nicklaus Children's Hospital in Miami, Florida. She has been working as a PT with adolescent athletes for more than ten years. She specializes in dance injury prevention with focuses on spine and hip pathologies in pediatric dancers and gymnasts.

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Chapters & Learning Objectives

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1. Overview of Common Dance Injuries Unique to the Dance Population

This chapter will identify the role of the rehabilitation specialist and examine common conditions and injuries unique to the pediatric/adolescent dancer. These conditions include generalized joint hypermobility, low back pain, spondylolysis, labral tear/FAI, snapping hip, anterior knee pain, ankle/foot tendinopathies, anterior/posterior ankle impingement, ankle sprains, and hallux valgus/sesamoid pathology.

2. Assessment and Treatment Considerations for the Adolescent Dancer

This chapter will apply treatment strategies specific to the dancer for the affected body region and analyze dysfunctional movement patterns associated with pediatric/adolescent dancers.

3. Functional Assessment for Return-to-Dance Decision-Making

This chapter will implement functional assessments in the evaluation of pediatric/adolescent dancers to improve clinical decision-making. It will detail how to select dance-specific screening tools for injury risk identification and dance participation clearance.

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