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Framework for Differential Diagnosis of Pediatric Motor Speech Disorders

presented by Edythe A. Strand, PhD, F-ASHA

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This course with Dr. Edythe Strand provides an overview of rationale, methods, and interpretation of assessment tasks used toward differential diagnosis of children with speech sound disorders. Emphasis is focused on those tasks important to identifying or ruling out pediatric motor speech disorders, childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) or dysarthria. This course will facilitate the clinician's ability to choose and administer appropriate assessment tasks for individual children, interpret and compare the child's responses with accepted behavioral characteristics associated with a specific diagnostic label, and use assessment findings to help plan appropriate treatment. Key concepts are illustrated through graphical representations of the mechanisms behind motor speech disorders, and through brief patient videos. Clinicians should take this course in order to increase confidence in their ability to differentially diagnose children with motor speech disorders, especially childhood apraxia of speech.

Meet Your Instructor

Edythe A. Strand, PhD, F-ASHA

Dr. Edythe Strand is an emeritus Professor in the Mayo College of Medicine and former Head of the Division of Speech Pathology, Department of Neurology at the Mayo Clinic, in Rochester Minnesota. Dr. Strand's research has focused on developmental, acquired and progressive apraxia of speech, and issues related to intelligibility and comprehensibility in degenerative dysarthria.…

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Chapters & Learning Objectives

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1. Definitions and Taxonomy

Identifying the most appropriate label and corresponding mechanisms behind dysfunction is an important challenge for therapists who assess and treat children experiencing motor speech disorders. This chapter will offer clarity on the taxonomies and underlying mechanisms behind dysarthria and apraxia of speech in children.

2. Assessment

The second chapter of this course will describe and evaluate the tools needed to assign the most appropriate and actionable label to motor speech symptoms in children. Emphasis is placed on identifying key diagnostic markers

3. Interpretation of Assessment Data

The final chapter of this course will provide instruction necessary for making correct and actionable interpretation of data gathered via the procedures outlined in chapter two. Students will have the opportunity to apply their skills to several case studies based on actual clinical situations.

4. Question and Answer

Dr. Strand will sit down with a practicing speech language pathologist to discuss key considerations around the assessment and treatment of pediatric motors speech disorders.

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