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Introduction to Pilates for Rehabilitation

presented by Sherri Betz, PT, GCS, CEEAA, PMA-CPT

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So now that you have decided to integrate Pilates into your PT practice, you might have some questions. Is Pilates Matwork safe for all types of pathologies? How would you begin to introduce Pilates to your patients? You could select individual Pilates Mat exercises to teach your patient as appropriate for their pathology. Or, you could generate an additional source of revenue by offering Pilates Mat classes to small groups of patients. This course is designed to help you learn to introduce the benefits of Pilates to small groups within your practice with appropriate modifications for common pathologies!

Meet Your Instructor

Sherri Betz, PT, GCS, CEEAA, PMA-CPT

Sherri Betz has been a physical therapist since 1991. She is a Geriatric Certified Specialist, PMA(R) Certified Pilates teacher, and director of TheraPilates(R) Physical Therapy Clinic since 2001. She was elected as the Vice-President of the Pilates Method Alliance in 2007 and served on the PMA Board of Directors from 2003-2009. Sherri is the PMA…

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Chapters & Learning Objectives

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1. Modifying Pilates Mat Exercises for Older Adults or for Rehabilitation

Chapter One reviews the original 34 exercises as published in 1943 by Joseph Pilates in his book, Return to Life. Many of these exercises are contraindicated for pathologies such as osteoporosis, disc pathologies, spinal stenosis. Learn which of these exercises are appropriate for rehabilitation and what modifications may be required.

2. Bone Building & Class 1

Fit or frail? When triaging patients into the right level of class, you will need to be sure you have them in a class that is challenging but safe. Join Dr. Betz as she provides instruction on how to create low-cost, long-term group exercise programs targeted to the older adult's level of fitness and function.

3. Class 2, 3 & 4: Leg Alignment, Core Control, and Shoulder Girdle

Chapter Three focuses on Lower Extremity Alignment for lunges, squats and transfers so that the patient can begin to load and strengthen the bones. Learn a new way to take the fear out of lunges for patients with knee pain! We will use principles of Pilates assistance to unload the lower extremities if knee pain is a barrier to performance.

4. Class 5 & 6: Spine Mobility and Movement Integration

Chapter Five focuses on Pilates-based Spine Mobility using foam rollers and 8” Massage Balls to facilitate thoracic mobility in extension and rotation. Learn some safe ways to improve spine mobility in osteoporotic or disc patients! Participants will also review and practice the previous five classes with emphasis on transitions, movement integration and body awareness to absorb and apply the Pilates principles to any type of functional or fitness activity.

5. Wrap Up

Learn about some great resources to enhance your knowledge of Pilates and bring a Pilates-based bone health program to your community.

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