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Management & Treatment of Swallowing & Feeding Disorders in Schools

presented by Emily M. Homer, MA, CCC-SLP

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This course will provide information on managing and treating swallowing and feeding disorders in the school setting once a safe feeding plan has been established. Management and treatment includes setting goals to establish, maintain or to advance a student's ability to eat in a more normalized manner. There are four levels of management that will be discussed: collaborative consultation, direct therapeutic intervention, intervention with the student with progressive disorders or who is medically fragile, and transition to or from tube feeding. School-based therapists will be able to use this structure to design therapeutic intervention specific to a student's status, functioning level and disorder.

Meet Your Instructor

Emily M. Homer, MA, CCC-SLP

Emily Homer, MA, CCC-SLP has worked in the school systems for the majority of her career in Speech Language Pathology. She provides presentations and consultation services to school districts throughout the country on addressing swallowing and feeding in school systems. She is the 1999 recipient of the Louis M. DiCarlo Award for the establishment of…

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1. Collaborative Consultation

The first level of management is collaborative consultation. This level should be implemented with all students who are being followed for swallowing and feeding disorders. This chapter will discuss the five steps to collaborative consultation that are essential in the treatment of swallowing and feeding in the school setting.

2. Direct Therapeutic Intervention to Improve Oral Phase Dysphagia and Sensory Issues

This chapter will provide information on setting goals for direct therapeutic intervention on swallowing and feeding skills with students being followed by the swallowing and feeding team. Therapy principles that should be followed and a process for progress tracking will be presented.

3. Intervention with the Student with a Progressive Disorder or is Medically Fragile

The range of swallowing and feeding disorders in the schools includes students who are medically fragile or have progressive disorders or syndromes that result in a regression of skills. This chapter will offer principles and guidelines for addressing this student’s swallowing and feeding skills while they receive services from the school district team.

4. Treatment With The Student Transitioning to or From Tube Feeding

This chapter will discuss the role of the school-based swallowing and feeding team with the student who is tube fed. This session will include treatment with the transition to tube feeding, as well as the student who is transitioning from tube to oral feeding.

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