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NA: Promoting Foot Health in LTC

presented by Wanda Goldschmidt, RN, BSN, MA

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Unless they hurt, we often do not pay much attention to our feet. As people get older, foot problems often occur. Many problems can occur from repeated wear and tear during a lifetime of use. Disease or other health conditions can also affect the feet. Regardless of the source, foot problems can negatively affect overall health and function, and diminish quality of life. This course is designed for the nursing assistant working in long-term care, and promotes greater understanding of foot problems and care for the foot. It includes a discussion of diseases and conditions that affect the structure or function of the foot, identifies specific observation and reporting skills needed to identify and communicate problems to the nurse, and provides instruction on how to provide appropriate foot care.

Meet Your Instructor

Wanda Goldschmidt, RN, BSN, MA

Wanda Murray-Goldschmidt, a life-long resident of Baltimore, Maryland, found her passion for working with older adults while working as a nursing assistant in a nursing home shortly after completing high school. That passion sparked her pursuit of nursing as a career. She first completed a hospital-based program of study to become a licensed practical nurse…

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Chapters & Learning Objectives

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1. Foot Problems: An Introduction

This chapter provides an overview of what the nursing assistant will learn in this course about the nature of foot problems in the older adult. It explains why a nursing assistant should be concerned about foot care and identifies what the nursing assistant will be able to do upon completion of specific learning objectives. A case scenario is provided, depicting typical foot problems a nursing assistant may encounter in the long-term care environment. This scenario will be used as a point of reference throughout the course to help the nursing assistant to apply new knowledge to daily clinical practice.

2. Foot Problems Later in Life: Cause and Effect

This chapter introduces the nursing assistant to the nature of foot problems in the older adult. It presents factors that contribute to changes in the structure of the foot, as well as disease conditions that affect blood flow and sensation. This provides a foundation for the nursing assistant’s understanding of how the function of the foot can change, and the effect of those changes on overall health and quality of life for the older adult. The case scenario from the first chapter is used to illustrate the cause and effect of foot problems to enable the nursing assistant to apply course content to everyday resident experiences.

3. Foot Care Starts With Observation and Inspection

It is important to identify foot problems so the proper care and treatment can be given to reduce negative effects on health and function. Nursing assistants, who work closely with residents during routine daily care, have multiple opportunities to perform foot inspections and make other observations that can reveal foot problems. This chapter will guide the nursing assistant on how to inspect the foot and, using the case scenario, will highlight key observations that are necessary to report to the nurse.

4. Foot Care: A Demonstration

Due to the visual difficulties and decreased flexibility that often occur with aging, many older people are unable to properly care for their feet. In the long-term care setting, they will rely on the nursing assistant for this very important task. This chapter will provide a demonstration and explanation of how to properly care for feet.

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