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Non-Medicare Opportunities in a Medicare World

presented by Nancy Allen, BSN, RNC, CMC

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With regulations intensifying and reimbursements decreasing, many Medicare-certified agencies are seeking ways to remain a viable business. The requirements are complex and, unless implemented correctly, can result in multiple deficiencies, Conditions of Participation violations, and hefty fines. Obtaining accurate information from the governmental sources can be challenging. This course provides clarification in a very confusing environment. It provides usable information for owners, the governing body, administrative staff, and others to ensure a solid foundation of knowledge to do it right.

Meet Your Instructor

Nancy Allen, BSN, RNC, CMC

Nancy E. Allen, BSN, RNC, CMC, is the owner and CEO of Solutions for Care, Inc., a consulting company specializing in community-based healthcare and care management. Her experience includes clinical, administrative, and provider roles as well as ten years as a state and accreditation surveyor. She has served as a Corporate Integrity Monitor for the…

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Chapters & Learning Objectives

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1. Understand the Complexities of Non-Medicare Opportunities in a Medicare World

As agencies move forward to develop new streams of revenue to remain viable, it is often confusing what regulations apply to the Medicare-certified home health agency. This chapter seeks to clarify the complexities of how Medicare certification impacts these new endeavors.

2. Non-Medicare Opportunities in a Medicare World

Learn practical guidance to understand how state, Medicare, and accreditation requirements impact a home health agency. It is important to learn what regulations are included that impact the business operations of the agency. If an agency is accredited, knowledge of how this impacts the agency is mandatory.

3. Apply Information

Know when and how Medicare Conditions of Participation may apply to non-Medicare clients/patients. In the certified agency, the stakes are high to do it right. The foundational knowledge of when and how to apply the Medicare CoPs must be understood to avoid deficiencies, violations, and fines.

4. Implement Survival Techniques to Avoid Trouble

Develop an awareness of current trends to expand the certified home health agency. Learn to see new opportunities in community-based health care.

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