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One Handed Strategies for Kitchen Tasks

presented by Dr. Debra Latour, PP-OTD, MEd, OTR/L

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Financial – This instructor receives compensation from MedBridge for this course. Debra is also: Owner, Single-Handed Solutions, LLC – Inventor of record of patented prosthetic technology and method of use – Business relationship with TRS, Boulder, CO – Business relationship with Handspring, Middletown, NY – Business relationship with Shriners Hospitals for Children Non-financial – Co-Chair, Upper Limb Advisory Council, Amputee Coalition (AC) – Member, Board of Directors, Association of Children’s Prosthetic Orthotic Clinics (ACPOC) – Member, American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists, Upper Limb Society (AAOP)

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Occupational therapists advise and counsel clients on strategies to increase functional independence and improve quality of life. Many occupational therapists struggle with knowing how to demonstrate adaptive strategies to clients who have suffered loss or loss of function of one hand to complete functional activities. This four-part series is directed toward completion of bi-manual tasks using such adaptive strategies with one hand, the residual limb, and a prosthesis, and may include the use of assistive devices. The course focuses on completing common kitchen-related tasks, such as cutting and chopping food, mixing ingredients, using the stove and oven, and washing dishes. The ability to prepare food not only provides sustenance to the individual, but also brings joy in the opportunity to cook for family and friends. Join Debi Latour as she personally demonstrates how to complete each of these kitchen-related tasks.

Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Debra Latour, PP-OTD, MEd, OTR/L

Debra Latour has been an innovator from her earliest years. Debi wore her first prosthesis at the age of 14 months and then spent the years that followed working with the clinical team at Shriners Hospitals to improve upon their prosthetic designs. When it came time to decide upon her next step, Debi decided that…

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Chapters & Learning Objectives

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1. Peeling, Cutting, and Chopping Foods

Preparing fruits and vegetables for cooking can present a challenge for someone that only has functionality of one hand. Join Debi Latour as she describes adaptive strategies and methods for peeling, cutting, and chopping foods.

2. Mixing and Pouring Ingredients

Many people find enjoyment in baking for their loved ones, but this too can be difficult, especially when the mixture is made and ready to be poured into a baking dish. Watch as Debi Latour demonstrates how to mix ingredients into a batter and pour the contents into a baking dish.

3. Navigating the Stove and Oven

Once food ingredients are prepped for cooking, the use of the stove and oven is often the next step. These present their own risk, particularly in people with decreased sensation of their effected side. Join Debi Latour as she demonstrates how to use the stove and oven, and discusses strategies for the patient with decreased sensation.

4. Washing Dishes

Washing dishes, while not the most exciting task, is important for maintaining a clean and healthy home. Watch as Debi Latour demonstrates how to clean different types of dishes without breaking them or putting the intact hand at risk.

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