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OSHA: Tuberculosis and Airborne Infection Precautions

Tuberculosis has plagued humanity for thousands of years, but while it is both preventable and treatable nowadays, it's not just a disease of the past? During this course, learners will explore global perspectives on tuberculosis, how it is spread, and the various risk factors and symptoms of the disease as well as elements of an effective tuberculosis infection control program as well as how to report a case of tuberculosis in case one occurs at your facility.

This course meets the regulatory standards outlined in OSHA Act of 1970 29 USC 654(a) and aligns with ACHC and CHAP home health and hospice standards.

Estimated Runtime: 15 minutes
Last Updated May 1, 2023
Publication Year: 2022

Reviewed and approved by
Nancy Allen, BSN, RNC, CMC

NOTE: This course is not a substitute for legal advice for any individual provider or situation. Always consult your company's legal or compliance personnel with any questions or concerns related to this subject matter.

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