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Peak Physique: Physiology Implications and Practical Applications

presented by Leslie Bonci, MPH, RDN, CSSD, LDN, FAND

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Financial: Leslie Bonci is an ambassador for the National Dairy Council, on the advisory board of Klean Athlete, and a spokesperson for the California Prune Board. Leslie Bonci receives compensation from MedBridge for this course.

Nonfinancial: Leslie Bonci is an ambassador for the Produce for Better Health Foundation.

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Video Runtime: 49 Minutes, Learning Assessments: 39 Minutes

The reasons for body composition changes are multifactorial. These changes include body fat loss and lean mass gains as part of sport, rehabilitation, and health and wellness goals. This course explores the physiological and psychological reasons for a focus on peak physique.

Meet Your Instructor

Leslie Bonci, MPH, RDN, CSSD, LDN, FAND

Leslie Bonci is a registered dietitian; a board-certified specialist in sports dietetics; the owner of Active Eating Advice (Be fit, fed and fearless!), a nutrition consulting company; and a cofounder of Performance 365, a sports nutrition consulting company. She is currently the sports nutrition consultant for the Kansas City Chiefs (the 2020 Super Bowl champions)…

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Chapters & Learning Objectives

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1. Peak Physique: A Review of the Physiological and Psychological Rationales for Body Composition Changes

The reasons athletes and clients desire a change in body composition are varied. Rationales include performance enhancement, rehabilitation, return to sport, and muscle and body dysmorphia and orthorexia.

2. Key Assessment Variables in Establishing a Body Composition Change Program

The goal of a body composition change program is to provide a strategy that is evidence based, affordable, and sustainable. This chapter is designed to provide the clinician an overview of an appropriate program design.

3. The Impact of Social Media and Influencers on Body Composition Strategies

This chapter will review the current role of social media and influencers on the perception of body composition changes. Health fraud and unrealistic expectations impact clients’ goals.

4. The Truth Behind Dietary Supplements and Their Impact on Body Composition

Dietary supplements can be a help or a hindrance to clients trying to meet their body composition goals. This chapter will discuss the most popular supplements, focusing on lean mass gain or body fat loss.

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