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Putting the 'FUN' in Functional: IADLs, Mobility, and Car Transfers

presented by Danielle Keyser, MS, LOTR, GTC

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Video Runtime: 51 Minutes; Learning Assessment Runtime: 30 Minutes

This course demonstrates an assessment and treatment of a 55-year-old gentleman status post CVA. The occupational therapist assesses not only ADL/IADL status and physical capabilities, but also provides keen insight into the psychosocial effects of participation on disability and return of function. Both objective measures and skilled clinical observation of functional status are used to determine an effective treatment plan. The occupational therapist also provides a strong treatment activity that is in the appropriate 'zone of proximal development,' and uses indirect cueing and verbal prompts to get the maximum performance from the patient.

Meet Your Instructor

Danielle Keyser, MS, LOTR, GTC

Danielle Keyser is a practicing occupational therapist with a bachelor of science degree in psychology from the Louisiana State University (1998), and a master of science degree in occupational therapy from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (2001). She is a certified and registered occupational therapist in the state of Louisiana, a member of the…

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Chapters & Learning Objectives

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1. Assessment and Evaluation

This chapter provides a strong foundation for assessing the patient David who has experienced difficulties with IADLs and mobility following a stroke. Danielle Keyser provides participants with the tools to recognize various UE/functional assessments and their functions. Tests to be discussed include the Functional Reach Test, Modified Barthel ADL Index, ROM testing, MMT, and evaluation of subluxed shoulder and UE tone assessments.

2. Functional Treatment Activity

Using a hierarchy of cueing and prompting, learn how to grade a treatment activity to ensure the patient is working at their highest level of performance. In this chapter, occupational therapist Danielle Keyser provides useful strategies to identify motor planning, coordination, and problem-solving deficits and remediation strategies in food prep activity and how it generalizes to other ADL tasks.

3. Community Mobility and Wrap-Up

In this chapter, participants will learn to identify patient mobility deficits and the level of assistance needed for participation in the community. Learn to recognize the signs of isolation, depression, and inactivity, and understand how these factors are attributed with physical disability and can further decrease functional performance.

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