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Rehabilitation Research Boot Camp: Translating Research to Practice

presented by Ken Learman, PT, PhD, OCS, COMT, FAAOMPT

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This course will introduce and inform the participant on the fundamental concept of translating research into practice (TRIP). This course will provide further elucidate the many barriers that exist in translation and will cover the dearth of translational research that would assist the clinician in implementing research. This course will pull the previous courses together and show how their concepts either can be used to assist in TRIP or serve as functional barriers to TRIP. Finally, options for translation and strategies to assist will be expanded upon.

Meet Your Instructor

Ken Learman, PT, PhD, OCS, COMT, FAAOMPT

Ken Learman, PT, PhD, OCS, COMT, FAAOMPT is a Professor of Physical Therapy at Youngstown State University where he is responsible for teaching manual therapy, patient examination and clinical reasoning, and research design and data analysis in the curriculum. Ken is also affiliated faculty at Duke University Division of Physical Therapy. Ken has been a…

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Chapters & Learning Objectives

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1. Why Study Translation into Clinical Practice?

Chapter one introduces the learner to the concept of TRIP. This module will explain the difficulty in incorporating new research into textbooks and clinical practice. In additional data explaining the difficulty in getting clinical practice guidelines adopted by mainstream clinicians and the negative impact this has on patient outcomes is presented.

2. Barriers to Research Adoption

Chapter two builds on the concept of slow adoption of TRIP by defining many of the barriers to research adoption. This module will cover barriers at the individual, patient, clinical and organizational levels.

3. Adoption Strategies for Clinicians

Chapter three will cover a number of strategies that individual clinicians can employ to enhance their personal adoption of new research or CPGs into clinical practice.

4. Adoption Strategies for Organizations

Chapter four will discuss the strategies that organizations, be it clinical systems or larger healthcare organizations, can use to enhance research and CPG adoption system wide. We will cover how TRIP can be added into a total quality improvement initiative with methods for incentivizing rapid adoption.

5. How can Researchers Help?

Chapter five will outline the researchers’ role in encouraging research adoption by the types of studies they engage in and the way the results are presented in both conference proceedings and in manuscript preparation. In addition, research design characteristics will also be discussed that makes research seem more like how clinicians practice.

6. Available Resources for TRIP

Chapter six will present several resources that the clinician or organization can use to assist in identifying TRIP strategies and how to implement research.

7. Summary

Chapter seven will present summarize the content of this course and will provide additional reading resources for the participant to consider using moving forward in their personal or organizational strategies to enhance adherence to CPGs and adoption of new research.

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