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Run Better: Strength and Power Development for Endurance Athletes

presented by Jay Dicharry, MPT, SCS

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Satisfactory completion requirements: All disciplines must complete learning assessments to be awarded credit, no minimum score required unless otherwise specified within the course.

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What is the best way to run? While the media loves to discuss polarizing headlines such as "everyone must land on their forefoot," there is a lot more to efficient running form than a foot strike. In this course, participants will use both scientific data and simple analogies to discuss what good running form is. Mobility and stability requirements for proper running will be defined, and optimization of strength training to ensure it directly transfers into better running will be discussed. Optimization of posture and effective integration of posture into daily activities and training will be discussed, and individual case scenarios that highlight key concepts of athlete development will be reviewed. The course concludes by demonstrating exercise progressions that optimize neuro-muscular recruitment for running performance.

Meet Your Instructor

Jay Dicharry, MPT, SCS

Jay Dicharry built his international reputation as an expert in biomechanical analysis as Director of the SPEED Clinic at the University of Virginia. Through this innovative venture, Jay was able to blend the fields of clinical practice and engineering to better understand and eliminate the cause of overuse injuries in endurance athletes. His unique approach…

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Chapters & Learning Objectives

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1. Baby Biomechanics

Participants will discuss the need to understand a holistic model of causative mechanics (rather than isolated symptoms) when examining gait. Participants will also explore the need to look past kinematics, and develop a link between the abilities of the athlete and running gait.

2. Building a Paradigm of Strength and Power

Participants will develop an understanding of the importance of mobility, stability, strength, and power as they relate to the running athlete. Participants will also explain how ground reaction force influences the bioenergetics of running and discuss the role of symmetry, body stress, and economy with respect to optimal running form. The chapter concludes by describing how contact style, cadence, contact time, and stiffness influence form, and by applying these concepts to four real-world case scenarios.

3. Getting to Work

Participants will discover how athlete’s symptoms, performance, and objective gait and body metrics are put to work to improve athletic capacity.

4. Strength and Power Moves for Endurance Athletes

Participants will apply specific mobility, stability, strength, and power exercises and drills to optimize athletic capacity, with an understanding of its specific impact on running gait.

5. Q&A

Participants will discuss common questions regarding the development of strength and power in endurance athletes.

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