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Speech and Language Assessment for Bilingual Children

presented by Raul F. Prezas, PhD, CCC-SLP

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Financial: Raul Prezas receives compensation from MedBridge for this course. There is no financial interest beyond the production of this course.

Non-Financial: Raul Prezas is an ASHA member and developed and collected data on Spanish intervention approach and assessments that are discussed in the courses.

Satisfactory completion requirements: All disciplines must complete learning assessments to be awarded credit, no minimum score required unless otherwise specified within the course.

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Video Runtime: 75 Minutes; Learning Assessment Runtime: 28 Minutes

This course provides an overview of speech and language assessment with particular consideration of bilingual children. Global considerations for working with bilingual children will be presented, with particular emphasis on Spanish-English children. Guidelines for evidence-based assessment as well as dialectal differences and various types of assessments will be discussed. In addition, strategies for working with interpreters and conducting ethnographic interviews will be explored. This course is appropriate for speech-language pathologists working in any setting, but particularly targets those in school-based programs. Moreover, this course would be appropriate for teachers and educators.

Meet Your Instructor

Raul F. Prezas, PhD, CCC-SLP

Raul Prezas, PhD, CCC-SLP, is an associate professor in the Department of Human Services at Stephen F. Austin State University in Texas. He has several years of clinical experience in the university, public school, and home health settings, particularly working with bilingual children and their families. Dr. Prezas has served as a bilingual speech-language evaluator…

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Chapters & Learning Objectives

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1. Overview of Working With Bilingual Children

In order to work effectively with bilingual populations, it is important to understand general characteristics of the population and create a foundation of knowledge. This chapter provides an overview of working with bilingual children, along with a discussion of important considerations.

2. Speech and Language Assessment of Bilingual Children

In order to properly diagnose and recommend potential services for bilingual children, a comprehensive speech and language evaluation in both languages is critical. This chapter provides general information related to the identification and assessment of speech and language characteristics in bilingual children. Topics include federal guidelines, dialect versus disorder, and specific assessment recommendations, with an emphasis on speech sound disorders.

3. Working With Interpreters

During a bilingual evaluation, it is sometimes necessary to obtain assistance from interpreters. This chapter provides information related to selecting, working with, and training interpreters for the speech and language evaluation process. Strategies and tips for working with interpreters will be provided.

4. Ethnographic Interviews and other Considerations

In order to gather adequate information related to a bilingual child’s abilities and history, it is sometimes necessary to conduct alternative analyses. This chapter covers additional considerations for assessing bilingual children, which include conducting an ethnographic interview, dynamic assessment, and the exploration of multiperspective identity.

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