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Nutrition in Sports

presented by Barbara Hoogenboom, EdD, PT, SCS, ATC

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What does sports nutrition have to do with sports performance, healing, and overall good health in athletes? What should a sports therapist know about nutrition to guide patients during rehabilitation and training? This course presents an overview of sports nutrition including recommended intake of macronutrients and micronutrients, with consideration of excellent food sources. Limitations to therapist knowledge and scope of practice are stressed. Fuel well to perform well!

Meet Your Instructor

Barbara Hoogenboom, EdD, PT, SCS, ATC

Barbara Hoogenboom, EdD, PT, SCS, ATC was the first Board Certified Sports Clinical Specialist in West Michigan, and has been a Certified Athletic Trainer since 1988. She is a professor at the Grand Valley State University Physical Therapy program, and has a certification in physical therapy from Cleveland State University, a Masters Degree in Health…

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Chapters & Learning Objectives

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1. Nutrition for the Athlete

In this chapter, participants will learn to describe and compare the metabolic pathways for energy utilization, and relate each to an athletic endeavor.

2. Macronutrients

Join Dr. Hoogenboom as she highlights the importance of macronutrients for diet, and articulates the reasons why high fat or other fad diets are not appropriate for athletes. Upon completion of this segment, participants will be able to list the ranges for daily intake of macronutrients for an athlete, and offer healthy alternatives for food choices for each.

3. Micronutrients

Micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals are highly misunderstood in terms of their health properties. Learn about the common micronutrients important to health and athletic performance, and understand their functions. Be able to list common micronutrient deficiencies in female athletes. A thorough understanding of nutrient timing will be discussed, after which participants should be able to determine when this might be important for athletes in terms of preparation and recovery.

4. Fluids

This chapter will provide an overview of the guidelines for hydration of the athlete, pre, during, and post competition, and will describe the adverse effects of inadequate hydration for the athlete.

5. Ergogenics

Ergogenics, aids that enhance physical performance, are often the subject of controversy. In this chapter, Dr. Hoogenboom offers examples of nutritional ergogenic aids and the problems these may pose for NCAA athletes who undergo drug testing. The chapter will conclude by highlighting additional sources of information regarding drug testing procedures (WADA and NCAA), and nutritional aspects of the female athlete triad, including how to find a cardiovascular and sports dietician.

6. Case Study Q&A Session

Join Dr. Hoogenboom and Alex as they discuss training, nutritional performance, and performance using nutritional substances.

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