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Sports Performance and Injury Prevention

presented by Phil Plisky, PT, DSc, OCS, ATC, CSCS

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Video Runtime: 67 Minutes; Learning Assessment Time: 34 Minutes

While rehabilitation providers care about injury prevention, researchers tell us that athletes and coaches are more likely to participate in activities that can improve performance. Can we do both? Join Phil Plisky in this Sports Performance and Injury Prevention course as he covers the latest research in injury risk factors and prevention programs. This course dives into the concept of systematic injury prevention and the practical application of injury prevention systems that can also enhance sports performance. This course concludes by addressing the challenging topic of getting buy-in from your coaches and players. Case studies, a question-and-answer session, and immersive graphics help demonstrate the key concepts of this course designed to enable physical therapists and athletic trainers to effectively design and implement group injury prevention programs for their athletes. This course is for physical therapists, athletic trainers, and occupational therapists.

Meet Your Instructor

Phil Plisky, PT, DSc, OCS, ATC, CSCS

Dr. Phil Plisky is a professor in the University of Evansville's Doctor of Physical Therapy and PhD in Health Professions Education programs. He is the host of the MedBridge Rehab and Performance Lab podcast and founder of the Coaches Club at Dr. Plisky's mission is to transform the rehabilitation and performance professions through education,…

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Chapters & Learning Objectives

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1. Group Injury Prevention Programs

Having a good understanding of injury risk factors is essential for implementing a high-quality group injury prevention program. This chapter examines the research of injury risk factors and the research supporting general and specific group injury prevention programs.

2. Designing Your Injury Prevention System

Researchers have found that there are some essential components that ACL injury prevention programs should have. This chapter discusses those components, which include types of exercise, frequency of exercise, and duration of the program. Additionally, Dr. Plisky explores whether we need an injury prevention program or an injury prevention system.

3. Practical Implementation of Group Injury Reduction Programs

Knowing which research-based injury prevention system to implement is important, but it can’t be effective unless athletes complete it. This chapter focuses on performance benefits derived from group injury prevention systems and getting buy-in from the important stakeholders: athletes, parents, and coaches.

4. Testing an Individual and Q&A

Learn how to apply the information in this course through a case where an individual wants injury prevention and performance training. In addition, listen as Dr. Todd Arnold and Dr. Phil Plisky discuss common questions in injury prevention.

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