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The Cardiovascular System and Ancillary Tests for the Sports Therapist

presented by Todd Arnold, MD

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What cardiovascular conditions will you most likely encounter in the course of your practice? How are these diagnosed, monitored, and treated? What impact do they have on your athlete's ability to play? Dr. Todd Arnold provides answers to these questions and more in this course on the cardiovascular system and ancillary tests relevant to the sports therapist. In this course, Dr. Arnold covers a range of cardiovascular conditions and follows this with an introduction to ancillary tests. The participant will analyze risk and return to play considerations for athletes with potentially life-threatening conditions, recognize and recommend appropriate ancillary tests, and evaluate examination data to provide the best care for their athletes. This course provides illustrative graphics, important supplemental materials, and direct application of your knowledge through a case study to assist you in improving outcomes for your athletes.

Meet Your Instructor

Todd Arnold, MD

Dr. Todd Arnold is a sports medicine physician with more than two decades of experience caring for athletes of all levels. He has been on the sidelines caring for those competing in high school sports, multiple levels of collegiate sports, NCAA Championships, and World Championships. He serves as the medical officer for elite athlete healthcare…

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1. The Cardiovascular System: Hypertension, Coronary Artery Disease, Valvular Disease

Dr. Todd Arnold first provides an introduction to the cardiovascular system, noting that background anatomy and awareness of risk stratification is essential to practicing effectively as a sports therapist. Topics covered in this chapter include hypertension, coronary artery disease, valvular disease, and a preview of congenital hearth disease.

2. The Cardiovascular System: Congenital Heart Disease and Rhythm Problems

This chapter covers a broad spectrum of potential illnesses and conditions in your athletes and includes vital information on symptoms, prevalence, and considerations for participation. Starting with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, Dr. Arnold transitions to dysrhythmia, Marfan syndrome, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, commotio cordis, and sickle cell trait.

3. Ancillary Tests: ECG and EMG

Ancillary tests provide an important component of care for many athletes with cardiovascular and other health conditions. Recognizing the appropriate laboratory test for the injured athlete and then understanding the limitations, indications, and contraindications of these tests may make a significant difference for your athlete. In this chapter, Dr. Arnold covers electrocardiography and electrodiagnostic testing in detail.

4. Ancillary Tests: Laboratory Studies, Aerobic Capacity, Stress Testing, and Imaging

This chapter provides an introduction to laboratory studies including background information on various different types of studies, who orders them, and where the sports therapist fits into this flow. Dr. Arnold further introduces other ancillary tests including aerobic capacity, stress testing, and various types of imaging that are particularly pertinent to the sports therapist’s practice.

5. Case Studies

Dr. Arnold presents two cases to test the information presented in this course on the cardiovascular and ancillary system.

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