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TheraPilates® for the Frail Older Adult: Mat Class

presented by Sherri Betz, PT, GCS, CEEAA, PMA-CPT

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Did you think Pilates was just for the young and fit? Pilates principles and Pilates-based exercises are perfect for the Frail Older Adult! However, 70% (24/34) of the Mat Exercises from Joseph Pilates' book Return to Life are contraindicated for those with osteoporosis. Follow along with this "real-time" Pilates-Based Class taught to two older adults with osteoporosis using Chairs, Dowels, Therabands and Balls! We will focus on balance, leg strengthening, hip extension, and thoracic extension for improved posture and reduction of thoracic kyphosis. You might be surprised at the challenge!

Meet Your Instructor

Sherri Betz, PT, GCS, CEEAA, PMA-CPT

Sherri Betz has been a physical therapist since 1991. She is a Geriatric Certified Specialist, PMA(R) Certified Pilates teacher, and director of TheraPilates(R) Physical Therapy Clinic since 2001. She was elected as the Vice-President of the Pilates Method Alliance in 2007 and served on the PMA Board of Directors from 2003-2009. Sherri is the PMA…

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Chapters & Learning Objectives

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1. Introduction

Older adults need low-cost, long term group exercise programs targeted to their level of fitness and function. This introductory chapter will discuss the triage of older adults into the fit or frail categories, and describe strategies for incorporating the correct equipment and exercises to address hip hinge, spine alignment, and overall body awareness.

2. The Exercises

In this chapter, Sherri Betz demonstrates the exercises discussed in Chapter One with a patient, with detailed verbal walkthroughs of example exercises.

3. Wrap Up and Review of the Apparatus

This course ends with a discussion of the patient's ability during the exercises, a final review of apparatuses that can be used, and resources for more information about Pilates, bone health, and geriatric rehabilitation.

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