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Thinking Outside of the Box for Recruitment and Retention

presented by Kim Bennett Murray, LSW

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One major challenge that home care and hospice administrators face is hiring the right staff to meet the needs of clients and patients while planning for future growth. Once good hiring decisions are made, how do you keep good team members? This course will provide ideas for bringing qualified team members to you, retaining them, and helping to decrease the "revolving door" of high staff turnover.

Meet Your Instructor

Kim Bennett Murray, LSW

Kim Bennett Murray is the director of social work at Harbor House, a Bane Care skilled nursing and rehab facility in Hingham, Massachusetts. Prior to that, she served as the director of clinical and client services at the Visiting Angels of the South Shore, a private duty home care agency, for 17 years. Receiving her…

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1. Why We Can’t Find Enough Staff: The R&R Dilemma

In order to improve the R&R dilemma, it has to be understood. This chapter presents statistics and trends that are affecting the labor forces in home care and hospice. This includes professional and paraprofessional team members.

2. The Generational Divides

Boomers, Xers and millennials are thought to approach work from different and sometimes competing perspectives. Terms will be defined and strategies presented for success when working with different generations. The millennial generation is larger than the Boomer generation. The Xers are getting Xed out by Boomers who are working beyond traditional retirement age. How do supervisors and recruitment managers leverage these differences and use them to strengthen lengths of employment stay?

3. Finding the Fish: Recruitment Considerations

New technologies for recruitment can be powerful tools. Print advertising and job fairs produce few results in some markets. Online and social media platforms are only two ways to find new team members. Organizations who differentiate themselves in the marketplace and become the place people WANT to work at will succeed.

4. Should I Stay or Should I Go?

What do employees value most today? Adding to your retention efforts means doing things that are different from traditional forms of recruiting and retaining staff. Keeping a decentralized workforce loyally connected to an organization is an increasingly important task to reduce turnover and create positive morale and retain your workforce. This chapter will cover various strategies for decreasing labor costs, stabilizing payroll budgets, and having a contented workforce.

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