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Tools for Successful Aging

presented by Patrice Antony, PT, CAPS

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A plan is always good to have in life. Seniors will need to do some advance planning as they enter their golden years. In order to be set for your golden years it's a good idea to have advanced directives, estate planning tools, and end of life tools to enable a smoother sail into that sunset.

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Patrice Antony, PT, CAPS

Patrice Antony, PT, CAPS, is a Florida International University graduate who has been practicing physical therapy in the central Florida area since 1981. Patrice became a Geriatric Clinical Specialist in 1992 and received the Clinical Excellence in Geriatric Practice award from the Geriatric Section of the APTA in 1996; she also received the Advocacy for…

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Chapters & Learning Objectives

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1. Advanced Directives

Join us as we discuss the differences between Durable Power of Attorney and General Power of Attorney, Living Will, and Do Not Resuscitate forms. Participants will learn when to use each form, as well as how to get an elder law attorney to draft them.

2. Estate Planning

In this chapter we will come to find the complexity of the modern senior, addressing scenarios involving multiple marriages, stepchildren and grandchildren, leaving a legacy, and finally, paying for long-term care needs.

3. Emergency Preparedness

We'll discuss the need for proactive planning. Storms, fires, etc. are a reality of today. Seniors need to have backup systems for getting medications, keeping legal documents safe, ensuring that caregivers / family can help them keep going during an emergency (ie. Paying the lawn guy, the housekeeper, the mortgage, the utilities, etc, when a senior is in the hospital and the caregiver is out of state."

4. Planning for the Final Goodbye

We'll follow up with a review of the pros and cons of advance funeral planning, focusing on how to approach the conversation, options for planning, and benefits of using Hospice services.

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