Patient Satisfaction

Healthcare Net Promoter Score® Index

Capture your patient’s feedback, identify insights, and highlight trends to ensure patient satisfaction. Build a patient inspired culture and grow your brand awareness with our NPS® surveys and dashboards.

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Healthcare Net Promoter Score

Build a Patient Inspired Culture


Capture Patient Satisfaction

Automatically collect and store feedback from your patients in real time.


Identify Areas for Improvement

Identify opportunities for improvement with reporting and leader boards.


Take Action & Delight Your Patients

Take immediate action and delight your patients beyond their expectations.

Capture Patient Satisfaction

Automatically gather instant, actionable feedback from patients to measure satisfaction and improve their experience. Easily integrate into your current workflow to gain real-time feedback and uncover the voice of your patients.


Identify Areas for Improvement

Better understand your patient’s perception of care and manage their experience on one platform. Measure and identify opportunities for improvement with real time reporting and leader boards. Rank Net Promoter® Scores by clinician, location, and condition to see which areas are performing well and which need attention.

Take Action & Delight Your Patients

Take immediate action and delight your patients beyond their expectations to ensure long-term organizational success. Discover patient promoters and easily reach out to capture testimonials. Address larger trends or quickly intervene with unsatisfied patients to improve their experience and convert them to brand advocates.


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