6 Strategies for Preventing Clinician Burnout with Digital Care

Burnout is one of the largest challenges facing the healthcare industry, affecting healthcare providers at every level. While the pandemic was a major factor in compounding the problem, burnout rates have continued to remain high across provider demographics, ranging from 56 percent for nurses to 46 percent for nonclinical staff.1

The good news is that innovative tools for mitigating burnout do exist. Digital care is growing in popularity as a highly successful, cost-effective strategy that can lower burnout rates and prevent the vicious cycle of low morale, staff attrition, and diminished outcomes.

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  1. Willard-Grace R, Knox M, Huang B, Hammer H, Kivlahan C, Grumbach K. Burnout and Health Care Workforce Turnover. Ann Fam Med. 2019 Jan.
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