Digital Therapy: The New Frontier of Healthcare

While the proliferation of telehealth has expanded healthcare access, improved patient engagement, and lowered healthcare costs, expanding the scope to comprehensive digital therapy has the power to create a complete healthcare solution.

But what is digital therapy and how does it work?

Download this infographic to learn:

  • The benefits of digital therapy in the patient-provider interaction, including increased access and improved clinical capacity
  • How digital therapy works in action, from telehealth consultation to RTM reimbursement at the end of the episode of care
  • How MedBridge can help with digital therapy
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Who is this infographic for?

This infographic is an ideal resource for:

  • All practitioners in leadership roles
  • Healthcare executives, C-suite, owners
  • Managers, administrators, and other healthcare leaders

These best practices can be applied in the following settings:

  • Home Health
  • Hospitals and Health Systems
  • Private Practices

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