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Orthopedic Exam Tests

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  • Adson's Test
  • Aspinall Test
  • Babinski Sign Test
  • Brachial Plexus Compression Test
  • Cervical Deep Tendon Reflexes
  • Cervical Radiculopathy Test Cluster
  • Cervical Traction Test Cluster
  • Clonus of the Ankle Test
  • Distraction Test
  • Foraminal Compression Test
  • Hand Withdrawal Reflex Test
  • Hoffmann's Sign Test
  • Inverted Supinator Test
  • Jackson's Sign Test
  • L'hermitte's Sign Test
  • Lateral Displacement Test
  • Manual Examination for Symptomatic Zygoapophyseal Joint
  • Manual Muscle Test (Motor Testing)
  • Myelopathy Test Cluster
  • Neck Compression Test
  • Neck Flexor Endurance Test
  • Neck Hyperextension Test
  • Palpation Cervical Segmental Mobility
  • Passive Intervertebral Movement for Cervical Instability
  • Prolonged Jugular Compression Test
  • Sharp-Purser Test
  • Shoulder Abduction Test
  • Spurlings A Test
  • Spurlings B Test
  • Spurlings Test
  • Suprapatellar Quadriceps Test
  • Tinel's Sign for Brachial Plexus Test
  • ULTT A Test
  • ULTT B Test
  • Upper Cervical Flexion Test
  • Upper Limb Tension Test A
  • Upper Limb Tension Test B
  • Valsalva Test

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