Jeremy Blazar

Meet Jeremy

Digital Marketing & Fisherman Extraordinaire

Jeremy found MedBridge after a PT visit and is walking proof in the effectiveness of our products – as a marketer, that's invaluable experience. He applies it daily while working on a wide variety of projects across all our marketing channels.

6 Questions with Jeremy

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How do you connect to the mission of MedBridge?

It’s nice to know the products we create help people get back to their passions and activities faster. As someone who is active, but frequently frustrated by injury, I see the need for improved healthcare delivery and I think education is a fundamental aspect of that progression.

Home exercise program portal and printouts
What do you love about working at MedBridge?

The ability to make a measurable, and, in some cases, immediate impact on our healthcare system. Helping providers integrate innovative tech into their services and update their antiquated systems allows me to rest easier at night.

Home exercise program portal and printouts
What’s your MedBridge story?

My background is stuck in the snow on a pair of cross country skis. What began as a cruel exercise in frustrating a smaller version of me, developed into a lifelong passion. This passion has taken me from high school and collegiate racing at the highest level, to a variety of job positions, from coaching and trail maintenance to sales, marketing, and customer service. Skiing also landed me in PT a number of times, which introduced me to a MedBridge HEP, and led to my discovery of the company's mission. The rest, as they say, is history.

Home exercise program portal and printouts
What’s your hidden talent?

Parallel Parking

Home exercise program portal and printouts
What’s your favorite part about working in the Pacific Northwest?

Summer and access to the outdoors – if you can escape the traffic!

Home exercise program portal and printouts
Explain your job to a small child.

I work on a computer to change and reassure people's opinions with the goal of them making an action. Say your lunch bud Lil Tim is a big Motts Apple Juice fan, but you're a Juicy Juice fanatic. I can help you convince Lil Tim to ditch the Motts and go with the double J. We can pepper him with ads during Dora, get him on our 'It's Yellow Fellow' weekly apple juice newsletter (sponsored by Juicy Juice), influence the rest of your lunch crew to get on the JJ train, or maybe write an article in the school newspaper to compare the two. We can optimize our methods with metrics related to Lil Tim's behavior, and then boom, Lil Tim is repping all things Juicy.

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