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Christine Carroll


A graduate from Delaware Technical and Community College, Christine has spent over 10 years working in her rural community hospital. After 5 years as charge nurse and preceptor for new RN's on the Adult/Pediatric Medical Surgical unit of the Memorial Hospital of Salem County, she transferred to the facility's outpatient wound care clinic. Working closely with her supervisor and mentor, a passionate WOCN with 40+ years of experience, they were able to witness growth in patient volume of over 500% and the addition of multiple physicians and staff in a few short years. As the wound care center changed hands, she elected to return to acute care but in the form of an inpatient wound care consultant, a job she shares with the director of physical therapy. She enjoys the autonomy of her position and and the relationships she forges with her patients due to the small size of the community. She also seeks to spend time educating patients on treatment and prevention for their wounds and other co-morbidities in addition to connecting them with local resources.

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