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Janet Patterson


Janet Patterson, PhD, CCC-SLP, is Chief of the Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Service at the VA in Northern California. Prior to that she held academic positions as faculty member, associate dean and department chair at California State University East Bay, Central Michigan University, and Michigan State University. With co-editor, Patrick Coppens, PhD, CCC-SLP, she published the text Aphasia Rehabilitation: Clinical Challenges (Jones & Bartlett Learning). She has authored research articles and presentations related to aphasia treatment and generalization. She is an ASHA Fellow.

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Selecting Aphasia Treatment: Case Examples

Presented by Jacqueline Hinckley, PhD, CCC-SLP and Janet Patterson, PhD, CCC-SLP

Selecting Aphasia Treatment: Case Examples

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The purpose of this course is to explore in detail the process by which a clinician selects a therapy based on treatment goals. We will do this by using three case examples of individuals with different types and severities of aphasia. The two presenters will also discuss each case in terms of impairment-focused and participation-focused treatment choices.

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Engaging Persons with Aphasia in Community Resources

Presented by Janet Patterson, PhD, CCC-SLP and Jacqueline Hinckley, PhD, CCC-SLP

Engaging Persons with Aphasia in Community Resources

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The value of participating in group activities to an individual's psychosocial and physical well-being is clear from research evidence. This is the case both for persons without and with aphasia. Gaps exist between the evidence base and implementing participation activities from the perspectives of community groups welcoming a person with aphasia (PWA), determining the interest or willingness of a PWA to participate in a group, and the strategies available to a PWA or caregiver to translate the desire into reality. This course will present the evidence describing the value of group membership to PWA and, through a series of case examples, will discuss the challenges faced by clinicians, PWA, and caregivers in accessing, joining, and sustaining membership in community groups.

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Evidence-Based Practice in Aphasia Treatment

Presented by Janet Patterson, PhD, CCC-SLP

Evidence-Based Practice in Aphasia Treatment

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Evidence-based practice (EBP) relates to how clinicians make assessment and treatment decisions with patients and families. EBP is taught in graduate programs in speech-language pathology. However, as students become practicing clinicians working in fast-paced, contemporary clinical environments, obstacles arise that may prevent consistent, active engagement in EBP. The intent of this course is to discuss EBP and practice-based evidence, provide a model for how to find evidence and determine its quality and relevance, and present suggestions for using the evidence to support good clinical decisions. Several readily available, easy to use tools for finding and evaluating evidence will be demonstrated. At the end of this course, the learner will have knowledge and skills that are readily transferable to clinical practice in any contemporary clinical speech-language pathology's practice in hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, skilled nursing facilities, or home health care settings.

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