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Jim Schilling


I was employed in the clinical setting for more than 20 years. I also have more than 14 years in academia, primarily teaching musculoskeletal injury evaluation and rehabilitation. My educational background is in athletic training, biomechanics, exercise physiology, curriculum, and instruction. Additionally, I have completed professional development courses in manual therapy and have clinical experience in manual and exercise therapy.

My scholarly activity has been in abdominal core training, the role of the abdominal core in athletic movements, foot core training, and shoulder stability exercises. I have also conducted scholarly work in educational assessment instruments and learning strategies.

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Joint Therapy for Athletes (Recorded Webinar)

Presented by Jim Schilling, PhD, LAT, ATC

Joint Therapy for Athletes (Recorded Webinar)

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Video Runtime: 149 Minutes; Learning Assessment Time: 19 Minutes

This course is a recording of a previously hosted live webinar event. Polling and question submission features are not available for this recording. Format and structure may differ from those of standard MedBridge courses.

Athletic populations encounter high external loads to joints and repeated stress to specific areas of joint capsules, causing joint dysfunction and pain. Practitioners need to be aware of current evidence in the treatment of joint dysfunction and how to apply it for improved outcomes with active populations.

Join us for this joint therapy webinar for physical therapists and athletic trainers whose patients primarily consist of active populations. The webinar will review an evidence-based protocol to improve joint range of motion in stiff joints and a systematic approach to newly created joint stability interventions that address specific goals with unstable joints. These techniques provide customized patient care and injury prevention in joints involved in activities that challenge joint stability or cause stiffness to specific areas of joint capsules. This webinar will review relevant literature, provide video demonstrations of physical tests and treatment interventions, and conclude with summaries compiling essential and applicable information.

Learning Objectives
  • Distinguish categories of joint dysfunction
  • Formulate causes of joint stiffness
  • Extrapolate causes of joint instability
  • Examine joint mobility testing techniques for the spine and upper and lower extremity
  • Apply joint stiffness treatment interventions and goals for the spine and upper and lower extremities
  • Apply joint instability treatment interventions and goals for the spine, sacroiliac joint, and upper and lower extremities

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Dec 12, 2023

Joint Therapy for Athletes

Presented by Jim Schilling

No Recording Available

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