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Julie Soderberg


Julie Soderberg graduated with a master's degree in physical therapy from Mount St. Mary's College in 1999 with the intention of pursuing a sports medicine career to build upon her bachelor's degree in athletic training. However, the invitation to reinstate the lymphedema program at Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center Torrance resulted in a change in her career path that she embraced. Julie completed her lymphedema training with Guenter Klose, of Klose-Norton Training and Consulting, in 2000 and has since been specializing in lymphedema, focusing on providing comprehensive care for cancer and primary lymphedema patients who not only have lymphedema but orthopedic complications as well. She is the lymphedema program coordinator at Providence Outpatient Rehabilitation in Torrance, California, and a consulting lymphedema specialist for Dr. Jay Granzow, who established the Granzow Lymphedema & Lipedema Center located in Jacksonville, Florida.

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Lymphedema Therapy: Where Do We Start? (Recorded Webinar)

Presented by Emi Ito, OTR/L, CLT, CHT, CEAS and Julie Soderberg, MPT, ATC, CLT-LANA

Lymphedema Therapy: Where Do We Start? (Recorded Webinar)

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Video Runtime: 77 Minutes; Learning Assessment Time: 19 Minutes

This course is a recording of a previously hosted live webinar event. Polling and question submission features are not available for this recording. Format and structure may differ from those of standard MedBridge courses.

What is lymphedema, and how can early detection improve outcomes? What treatments are available? This webinar will provide introductory knowledge regarding lymphedema and how to recognize early signs and symptoms of the condition. An overview of best-practice treatments, as well as the most recent surgical techniques, will be highlighted. Practitioners will learn ways to advocate for their clients with lymphedema to ensure optimal outcomes, including referral to specialists.

This webinar is beneficial to the general practitioner who may come across patients with lymphedema as a comorbidity and is wanting to know how to best support this patient. For the lymphedema specialist, this webinar is beneficial as a reminder of general considerations to keep in mind.

Please note: this webinar will not provide information on how to perform treatment techniques as additional training and certification is required to safely perform these techniques.

Learning Objectives
  • Define lymphedema
  • Recognize early signs and symptoms of lymphedema
  • List the stages of lymphedema and recognize lymphedema's impact on participation in daily activities
  • List current treatment techniques for lymphedema
  • Identify strategies to advocate for clients with lymphedema and when to make appropriate referrals
  • Recognize contraindications and additional considerations in lymphedema therapy

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Mar 19, 2024

Lymphedema Therapy: Where Do We Start?

Presented by Emi Ito and Julie Soderberg

No Recording Available

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