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Kimiko Domoto-Reilly MD


Kimiko Domoto-Reilly completed her neurology residency and fellowship training at the joint Harvard program based at Brigham and Women's Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital. She then served as a clinical and research staff neurologist in the MGH Frontotemporal Dementia Unit. Dr. Domoto-Reilly joined the University of Washington in 2014, and sees patients at the Memory & Brain Wellness Clinic. She conducts research in the Alzheimer's Disease Research Center as well as the Integrated Brain Imaging Center, with a focus on multimodal imaging in frontotemporal degeneration spectrum diseases.

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Overview of Neurodegenerative Dementias

Presented by Kimiko Domoto-Reilly MD, MMSc

Overview of Neurodegenerative Dementias

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Video Runtime: 55 Minutes; Learning Assessment Runtime: 15 Minutes

What are neurodegenerative dementias and why is it important to be able to identify different dementia subtypes? This course answers these questions and prepares participants to accurately recognize different dementias and ultimately provide superior therapeutic management of dementia for patients. The course begins by overviewing the basic concepts needed for diagnosis of neurodegenerative dementias, as well as the clinical assessment for dementia. The course also provides a review of basic brain anatomy and function, and explores normal and abnormal findings on structural (MRI) and functional (PET) brain scans. The course concludes by describing specific patient case examples and discussing the implications of neurodegenerative dementia on continuing therapeutic care.

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