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Laura Gusé


Ms. Guse received her master's in physical therapy from the University of North Dakota. She has more than 15 years of experience working with adults with neurological disorders, with a special focus on Parkinson's disease and multiple sclerosis. She was LSVT BIG certified in 2009 and now serves as chief clinical officer of LSVT BIG. Ms. Guse oversees the training, curriculum, and product development related to LSVT BIG and has helped to create many of the current LSVT BIG treatment tools, webinars, and courses. She has spoken at many national and international conferences on topics related to LSVT BIG.

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Interprofessional Practice for Parkinson's: LSVT BIG and LSVT LOUD

Presented by Cynthia M. Fox, PhD, CCC-SLP, Laura Gusé, MPT, and Erica Vitek, MOT, OTR, BCB-PMD, PRPC

Interprofessional Practice for Parkinson's: LSVT BIG and LSVT LOUD

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Video Runtime: 84 Minutes; Learning Assessment Time: 37 Minutes

Parkinson's disease and other neurological disorders are complex and often require intervention by all three rehabilitation disciplines: physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Too often, therapists work in silos despite overlapping patient goals. This forfeits holistic, patient-centered care and can cause confusion for the patient. This course will present an example of a unified approach across physical, occupational, and speech therapies (LSVT BIG and LSVT LOUD) to comprehensively treat cross-system deficits in people with PD. Integration of patient-specific goals and utilization of other healthcare- and community-based professionals will be explored.

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