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Megan Pfarr


Megan is a physical therapist and certified lymphedema therapist practicing in outpatient cancer care after graduating from Saint Louis University in 2005. She serves Health Sisters Hospital Systems (HSHS) Eastern Wisconsin Division as manager of Anew Cancer Survivorship and program development across a four hospital division. Anew Cancer Rehab successes include 57% referral rate within year one of program launch from a baseline of 6%, as well as 37% prehab referral rate based on 1180 analytic cases. Anew Cancer Rehab received nomination for submission to the Best Practice Repository by the Commission on Cancer (CoC) in 2015 as well as Best Practice recognition in 2016 for National Accreditation Program of Breast Centers (NAPBC). Megan is a member of the Academy of Oncologic Physical Therapy, American College of Healthcare Executives as well as board member on the Standards Committee of the NAPBC.

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Implementing Prehab: Laying Groundwork to Maximize Value

Presented by Megan Pfarr, DPT, CLT

Implementing Prehab: Laying Groundwork to Maximize Value

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"Prehab" is an external-facing, patient-friendly term alluding to improved health and fitness in preparation for a procedure--similar to training for a marathon. To the health care professional, prehabilitation is a multimodal approach to withstand a physiologic challenge. Shifting the initiation of care to begin before the medical event can be beneficial to the patient, health care system, and even to the payer. This course will offer resources and analogies to build engagement in the growing field of prehabilitation. Of note, many examples default to cancer prehabilitation, given the strenuous nature of cancer treatment and the known deleterious effects. However, benefits and supportive theories can be easily applied to various medical events.

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Cancer Wellness: Supporting Patients Beyond the Treatment Cliff

Presented by Megan Pfarr, DPT, CLT

Cancer Wellness: Supporting Patients Beyond the Treatment Cliff

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When a person undergoes a harrowing diagnosis: cancer, heart disease, brain dysfunction; it can be an expansive showcase of services, phone calls, appointments and support. What happens upon treatment completion? Where do they go? Who will offer solace and emotional decompression? Often a source of significant anxiety and fear, the "treatment cliff" following the final day of treatment as a patient enters surveillance can be a time of reflection and fear, but also opportunity. Many times, care providers further task the patient with making healthy choices for fear of recurrence, with few resources. This session will discuss avenues to offer support and extend, but taper medical care into wellness that will support lifelong health forward decisions.

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