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Sheyi Ojofeitimi


Dr. Sheyi Ojofeitimi received her Bachelor's degree from Fordham University, Master's degree from West Virginia University, and Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Alabama State University. She is a Certified Functional Manual Therapist (CFMT), Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS), and a graduate of the Dr. Linda Joy Lee International Connect Therapy Series, and is also trained in visceral mobilization, craniosacral therapy, and integrative dry needling (IDN). She is co-owner of Synthesis Physical Therapy. Dr. Ojofeitimi has been a physical therapist with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Foundatio for 17 years, treating the professional dancers from the main (AAADT) and junior (Ailey II) companies, students, and staff of the organization. She coordinates the medical and massage therapy services for both professional companies. Dr. Ojofeitimi was also part of a team that conducted biomechanical and epidemiologic research to aid in the prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal injury in dancers at the Analysis of Dance and Movement (ADAM) Center. She is the author of 18 dance medicine related peer-reviewed journal articles. Dr. Ojofeitimi is a specialist in the treatment of lumbo-pelvic/sacro-coccygeal dysfunctions and has a passionate interest in the connection between dysbiosis (gut dysfunction) and chronic pain/disease. Using a whole body functional approach that incorporates nutrition, Dr. Ojofeitimi treats each client as a unique individual.

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Horton Technique: Vocabulary, Mechanics, Stressors, & Treatment

Presented by Sheyi Ojofeitimi, PT, DPT, OCS, CFMT, CIDN

Horton Technique: Vocabulary, Mechanics, Stressors, & Treatment

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With the recent popularity of dance reality shows, new dance studios seem to be popping up in every neighborhood, and PT clinics are seeing a steady increase in dance training as it is related to musculoskeletal injuries. While most therapists may be adept at treating the injuries, addressing the technique errors that cause the injuries may be a daunting task. This course will teach therapists how to identify and correct common errors in Horton, a modern dance technique. The information will be presented in lecture format with demonstrations of proper and improper alignment. Identification of the stressors and body regions affected most in the Horton technique is crucial to effective injury prevention and rehabilitation of dancers.

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