Build your career and improve your clinical outcomes with world-class online continuing education and patient engagement tools brought to you by MedBridge in conjunction with PTProgress.

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About PTProgress + Tim Fraticelli, DPT, MBA

Tim Fraticelli is a physical therapist and founder of PTProgress, a resource for medical professionals and students to advance in all aspects of their career. From negotiation strategies for higher salaries to career development resources, PTProgress exists to help health professionals achieve greater career success.

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What’s Included in MedBridge

Continuing Education

  • A growing library of over 2,000 accredited courses and live webinars covering multiple specialties and settings
  • Engaging presentations with live patient demos, 3D models, and motion graphics
  • Case-based learning assessments to test your knowledge and handouts for use in everyday practice

PTProgress Suggested Courses

  • OASIS Courses
    The MedBridge OASIS course series provides a detailed breakdown of key concepts and terminology unique to the OASIS tool.
  • Athletic Trainer Courses
    With over 97 hours of BOC-certified EBP and 620 hours of Cat A CEUs, the MedBridge library of AT content is the best in the world.
  • The Movement Series Courses
    Dr. Jared Vagy’s Athlete Movement System series of courses emphasizes foundational movement patterns and their clinical utility with the goal of improving sport-specific performance training.

Engage Your Patients in Their Recovery

  • Over 6,000 video-based exercises and 600 patient education resources for different specialties and conditions
  • Easy-to-build programs with drag-and-drop functionality, pre-built templates, and smart search
  • HIPAA-compliant online patient portal, mobile app, patient satisfaction surveys, and tools for easy documentation in your EMR

Patient Engagement resources are only included with Premium plans.

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