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Save up to five minutes per patient per clinician by integrating MedBridge with Raintree.


Maximize time savings, improve insights, and drive profitability.

At the point of care, clinicians need efficient, integrated workflows. Use MedBridge to centralize patient information and get more from your patient engagement solution.

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All-in-One Professional Development and Patient Engagement Solution

MedBridge is the all-in-one professional development and patient engagement solution to enhance quality of care, improve patient outcomes, and drive profitability.

  • Provider Education & Engagement
  • Patient Education & Engagement
  • Reporting & Analytics

Integrated Patient Engagement Products

Patient Education

Empower patient self-management with engaging 3D models, videos, and handouts.

Patient Mobile App

Track progress and motivate patient activity through achievable daily doses and gamification.

Home Exercise Programs

Save time and elevate quality of care with easily customizable, video-based HEP.

Patient Satisfaction

Capture patient feedback and address areas for improvement with NPS® surveys and targeted microlearning.


Stay connected and increase access to care with our user-friendly virtual care platform.

Adherence Tracking

Track adherence and monitor pain and difficulty levels to inform program modifications as needed.

The Complete Solution for Your Setting

MedBridge provides an all-in-one solution tailored to the unique needs of each healthcare setting.

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Home Care & Hospice

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