Professional Development for School‑Based SLPs

Learn valuable skills today and apply them in the classroom tomorrow with courses specifically created for SLPs who work in schools. Motivate your students with evidence-based techniques and fun activities that will keep them engaged and actively learning!

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Exceptional care begins with exceptional training

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Enjoy learning with engaging, interactive courses featuring leading instructors in the field of school-based speech-language pathology!

Focus on Kids and Family

Engage kids and families in therapy with up-to-date, evidence-based, and fun strategies and techniques for ASD assessment and intervention.


Catch a course whenever it’s most convenient for you! Online courses, available on any device, offer the flexibility needed for your busy schedule.

Language & Literacy

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Featured Language & Literacy Courses

Language and literacy skills are the keys to success—both as a student and in life. Help your students unlock these abilities and build proficiency with the strategies and techniques in these courses, presented by leading instructors and researchers in the field.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

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