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Corporate Health & Wellness: Integrating Lifestyle Medicine

presented by Russell Certo, PT, OCS

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Insurance Companies have little motivation to create incentives and a culture of health for their subscribers. However, forward-thinking corporations and employers recognize the best way to control health care costs is to create an environment that values a healthy lifestyle for all employees. This course will discuss how rehabilitation professionals can take their expertise into a corporate environment and create a total worker wellness program that partners with employees from pre-hire to retire. This is the fourth course in a series of five courses on Lifestyle Medicine for your facility.

Meet Your Instructor

Russell Certo, PT, OCS

Russell Certo, PT, OCS, a physical therapist for 35 years, is the Founder of Trilogy, MOG National, and Grand Island Physical Therapy. He designed and developed the idea of an integrated physical therapy practice and medically oriented gym (MOG). He has become a leading expert in the field of medical fitness and lifestyle management and…

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Chapters & Learning Objectives

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1. Wellness: Where Do We Stand?

This chapter will discuss what “wellness” is currently and discuss whether the concept has been successfully managed. An appropriate wellness plan should have measurable objectives and a cost analysis to determine its true effectiveness.

2. Rehabilitation Professionals in the Workplace

This chapter offers a discussion of how rehabilitation professionals are best suited to deliver an appropriate and meaningful employee health and wellness program in the corporate environment. By utilizing the specific skill sets of the rehabilitation professional, an overall lifestyle management program can be developed that accounts for the current medical status of the employee.

3. Wellness: Employer Responsibilities

Most employee wellness programs have only a 20% engagement of the entire employee population. Strategies will be discussed that include the employer’s responsibilities in creating a culture of health and delivering incentive programs that will increase employee engagement to 75%.

4. Total Worker Wellness

A program of health and wellness must include identifying medical conditions that could impact the employee’s performance and productivity. During the hiring process, basic medical complications should be addressed. Additionally, an employee health and wellness program needs to include a plan for employees who unfortunately get injured on the job and may need rehabilitation services as well as a return to work plan. A Total Worker Wellness program manages employee health from pre-hire to retire.

5. The Future of Integrated Health

A final discussion will include how the employer can develop a relationship with a healthcare team that will improve the population health of the employee community and drive down the cost of healthcare. This team of healthcare professionals should include primary care, rehabilitation, nutrition, and fitness experts. This team of professionals should be closely working with the health and safety departments of the corporation.

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