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Medical Fitness and Lifestyle Management: Organizational Start-Up

presented by Russell Certo, PT, OCS

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Medical Fitness allows rehab professionals to expand and position their practice to effectively service the health care industry's growing focus on disease prevention. Many health care professionals are taking steps to protect their interests and take advantage of a changing paradigm. Rehab professionals are uniquely positioned, and educated, to deliver a preventative medical fitness and lifestyle management service. In order to deliver a viable and meaningful medical fitness health and wellness service, physical therapists and occupational therapists need to step out of the traditional business model and expand their intervention footprint. This course will describe the steps to starting a medical fitness lifestyle management service in the rehab setting. This is the third course in a series of five courses on Lifestyle Medicine for your facility.

Meet Your Instructor

Russell Certo, PT, OCS

Russell Certo, PT, OCS, a physical therapist for 35 years, is the Founder of Trilogy, MOG National, and Grand Island Physical Therapy. He designed and developed the idea of an integrated physical therapy practice and medically oriented gym (MOG). He has become a leading expert in the field of medical fitness and lifestyle management and…

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1. What is Medical Fitness?

This chapter will outline what medical fitness is and who would best benefit from its development. Medical fitness is an opportunity for rehabilitation professionals. Physical and occupational therapists are perfectly positioned to deliver a medical fitness service. They are the best educated and have the appropriate skill sets to deliver this much-needed service.

2. Lifestyle Management

This chapter presents lifestyle management discussions concerning what services and what personnel are needed to have a lifestyle management service integrated into a rehab practice setting. Participants will also learn how best to engage patient populations into a lifestyle management program.

3. Finances Associated with Medical Fitness

An overview of the initial costs and budgets required to initiate a medical fitness service into the rehabilitation setting will be described. Additionally, we will present the ROI (return on investment) that can be expected.

4. Marketing Strategies for Medical Fitness

In this chapter, Russ will provide an overview of successful marketing techniques proven to increase referrals to the rehabilitation practice and how best to build a cash-paying membership from these referrals.

5. The Medical Neighborhood

The medical neighborhood is the obvious evolution of the medical fitness service. This chapter provides a description of what makes up a medical neighborhood and how to involve and utilize other healthcare services to improve the population health of any community.

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