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Emotional Resilience

presented by Cheryl Van Demark, PT, MA, C-IAYT

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Video Runtime: 47 Minutes, Learning Assessments: 32 Minutes

Intentional resilience building is an often overlooked yet critical asset to successful rehabilitation. Fundamental, evidence-based skill sets to build resilience can be integrated into self-care plans to support optimal healing for patients and to nurture the health professionals who serve them. Each course features a facet of the science of resilience, then offers an experiential component that can be immediately applied to home practice or used in a clinical setting.

Psychoemotional response to navigating adversity in health status has historically not been well addressed in training rehabilitation professionals. If and when it is addressed, the opportunity to utilize positive psychology intentionally in the plan of care can be overlooked. Emotional resilience will be presented using trainable skill sets that can be embraced to benefit health professionals, our work environment, and those we serve.

Meet Your Instructor

Cheryl Van Demark, PT, MA, C-IAYT

Cheryl Van Demark is a physical therapist, yoga therapist, and yoga teacher with a master's degree in physical education and exercise science. She is approaching 40 years of helping individuals optimize body alignment, restore movement, build strength, and cultivate a balance in body, mind, and spirit to pursue joyful living. Cheryl is deeply inspired to…

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1. Paradigms

Humans are inherently social beings. The social changes experienced during the ongoing pandemic have challenged our resilience. Society would benefit from cultivating pro-social behaviors more widely and embracing posttraumatic growth. Emotional well-being contributes to resilience and can be cultivated with practice.

2. Skill Sets

The domain of inner-body sensing is covered via interoception and thoroughly articulated using the Multidimensional Assessment of Interoceptive Awareness (MAIA) tool. Useful language for introducing conversations with patients on interoception is provided.

3. Compassion

Developing compassion for others starts with practicing self-compassion, yet many in this culture feel challenged to do so. Self-compassion is a key to building all facets of resilience and reduces burnout in health professionals. Self-compassion can be particularly compromised in the presence of chronic pain and chronic illness, so having conversations with our patients on this topic is vulnerable, but necessary, ground to cover. Thankfully, compassion is a skill that can be cultivated. In this chapter, we will discuss cultivating compassion through the practice of GRACE.

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