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Evaluation and Diagnostic Classification of TMD

presented by Anne Harrison, PT, PhD

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In addition to the physical examination of the masticatory system learned in Course One, the discerning therapist will need to perform a systems screen for common conditions that can cause orofacial pain but may require interprofessional referral. In Course Two, a systems screen will be presented along with information about the role of the cervical spine in orofacial pain. This information will be integrated with the examination of the masticatory system from Course One to describe the evaluation and diagnostic classification necessary to form the optimal plan of care and/or make an interprofessional referral.

Meet Your Instructor

Anne Harrison, PT, PhD

Dr. Harrison is an Associate Professor and Director of Professional Studies of Physical Therapy in the Rehabilitation Sciences PhD Program at the University of Kentucky. Her research focuses on aging, balance, and postural stability and interdisciplinary aspects of functional health in older adults. She also focuses on educational strategies and outcomes in geriatrics and multimedia…

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Chapters & Learning Objectives

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1. Orofacial Pain System Screen

Many patients with orofacial pain may have more than one condition, or have a condition that is outside the scope of physical therapy practice. In this chapter you will learn how to scan for pathologies that commonly accompany people with orofacial pain, as well as the red flags that indicate serious pathology.

2. Cervical Spine Contributions to Orofacial Pain

The cervical spine often plays a key role either as the cause of orofacial pain, or as a contributing factor to one of the TMD diagnostic classifications. We will review cervical impairments that can be influential in your patient’s chief complaint.

3. Synthesis of Examination Data: Evaluation

In this chapter we will discuss the clinical reasoning involved in synthesizing the elements of the examination to determine diagnostic classification and contributing factors. This is necessary in order to develop the plan of care. Key elements of the examinations for central sensitization, muscle disorder for those with orofacial pain, and suggestions for joint disorders among many others will be discussed.

4. Putting It All Together

We will briefly summarize the examination/evaluation process so you will have the tools necessary to put it all together in order to determine the appropriate plan of care for your patient with orofacial pain. We'll begin to understand the primary questions related to providing care for patients whose disorders are within our scope of practice, and when to refer patients for interprofessional care.

5. Case Study: Ms. Chavez

We will synthesize the evaluation and diagnostic classification of our patient, Ms. Chavez, based on her data from the examination. The learner will apply the examination data to a patient in order to determine her evaluation and diagnostic classification.

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