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HH-CAHPS Survey: Your Journey to Enhance Your Patients' Experience

presented by Dawn Hohl, PhD, RN

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Video Runtime: 89 Minutes; Learning Assessment Time: 37 Minutes

Clinicians working in home care, by nature of their clinical practice, integrate the patient into the planning and delivery of care; however, home health agencies may not fully introduce the Home Health Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HH-CAHPS) survey (and its importance) to staff during orientation. HH-CAHPS results affect the agency's reputation and reimbursement and can be linked to clinician performance. This course will provide an overview of HH-CAHPS history, regulatory requirements, review of the tool and data collection processes, suggestions on working with your patients, and impact that HH-CAHPS has on public reporting and value-based purchasing. The target audience is any clinician delivering care to a Medicare or Medicaid patient through a home health agency, with emphasis on considerations to improve practice. Depending on the organization, the audience may include any interdisciplinary team member such as therapists or nurses.

Meet Your Instructor

Dawn Hohl, PhD, RN

Dawn has been a nurse for over 30 years, with the majority being in the home care setting, serving as a home care nurse, liaison, customer service/contracts director, and administrator. As it relates to HH-CAHPS, she has been (and continues to be) involved in HH-CAHPS from an operational perspective, working with a large academic-based home…

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Chapters & Learning Objectives

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1. What is HH-CAHPS

An overview of the history and current administrative practices of the Home Health – Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Provider and System (HH-CAHPS) is provided. The home health clinician will gain an understanding of the goals, how the survey is administered and analyzed, and how to respond to a patient inquiry. This is important for clinical practice professionals to understand HH-CAHP impact on agency operations and patient care.

2. HH-CAHPS Surveys

A full review of the structure and scoring of the survey is detailed. The home health clinician will be able to distinguish between the survey, the domains, and top box scoring. Accessing the survey is also covered.

3. Home Health Compare and Star Ratings

The clinician will identify how HH-CAHPS data feed into the Home Health Compare website and how to complete a review of an agency’s ratings. Star ratings will further be explored as well as how to find these ratings. It is important for a clinician to know how to access and interpret these results in order to educate patients and to make referral decisions. Discussion about HH-CAHPS and value-based purchasing is introduced.

4. Research and Best Practices

Providing research surrounding HH-CAHPS will be followed by a discussion on the importance of following the research and integrating it into practice. Applying health system research is also addressed in terms of positive patient outcomes.

5. How Do I Contribute to Success?

A detail of each HH-CAHPS question, scoring, and domain is presented. In addition, practical suggestions for integration are included. Home health clinicians needs to be knowledgeable of each question and give consideration to how to improve practice. In addition, considerations for communicating with patients is covered. The clinician, with a fuller understanding of HH-CAHPS, will explore how clinical practice and operations may change in coming years. In addition, through critical thinking and self-reflection, the clinician may determine areas for further performance improvement.

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