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HHVBP: OASIS-Specific Measures

presented by Charles M. Breznicky Jr., MBA, MSN, RN, HCS-D

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This course will provide an overview of the HHVBP model that will go into effect in 2023; OASIS-based measures will be specifically addressed in this course. Clinical courses in this series will review, in more detail, the clinician's role in improving claims-based, OASIS-based, and survey-based measures. The metrics involved in the model and their respective weights will be addressed, as well as the calculation for an agency's Total Performance Score, which will indicate their payment adjustment in 2025. Leadership courses will review how to analyze data as well as how to track that data. Attendees will be provided steps they can take now to prepare for HHVBP. Managers and frontline staff will come away from these courses with a deeper understanding of HHVBP and their impact under this new model.

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Charles M. Breznicky Jr., MBA, MSN, RN, HCS-D

Charles M. Breznicky Jr. has been part of SimiTree Healthcare Consulting since 2015 and has been a registered nurse since 2004. He obtained dual master's degrees in nursing administration and in business administration from LaSalle University in 2014 and obtained his HCS-D certification in 2021. Prior to joining SimiTree, he provided direct patient care in…

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1. OASIS-Specific Measures

The chapter will indicate the specific OASIS items that contribute to HHVBP measures, helping clinicians understand which items are key to focus on. General OASIS guidance, exclusions, and item-specific guidance will also be provided to increase the clinician's knowledge of the OASIS, leading to more accurate OASIS scoring.

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