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Hip Fracture Part A: Overview, Classifications, and Evidence

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Hip fractures are a significant physical, emotional, and financial burden for the older adult and their family, as well as the medical community and society in general. Recent evidence continues to point to the vital need for physical and occupational therapy as a cornerstone in the continuum of care for this population, however the way we approach these patients needs to be critically reviewed using the evidence and best practice guidelines. This course, hip fracture overview, will review the demographics and complications of hip fracture, discuss the types of hip fractures and the appropriate surgical interventions, as well as describe the rehabilitation approaches that best facilitate return to premorbid function and promote quality of life. This is the first course in a five course series on hip fractures. Please be sure to watch:
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1. A Statistical Overview of Hip Fractures

As our population ages, the prevalence of hip fractures has also notably increased. Recent studies suggest that over 350,000 hip fractures occur in the United States every year. What causes a hip fracture, and just how prevalent are they? The first chapter in this introductory hip fracture course outlines the demographics and statistics of hip fractures in youth and geriatric populations. Participants will learn to describe the 5 complications of a hip fracture, and apply their knowledge to understand the predictors of survival following a hip fracture.

2. Femoral Neck Fractures

This chapter will focus on femoral neck fractures, a specific type of fracture characterized by a breakage in the femoral head. Participants will receive an overview of the Garden fracture classification system as it is used to determine fracture severity, and subsequently will be introduced to basic surgical options/rehabilitation approaches that are implemented for each Garden fracture.

3. Trochanteric Fractures

In this chapter, physical therapist Sandy Sheldon informs participants of trochanteric hip fractures, a second classification of hip fracture characterized by a breakage between the greater and lesser trochanter of the proximal femur. Participants will learn to distinguish between intertrochanteric and subtrochanteric fractures, as well as understand the surgical options and rehabilitation protocols that are best suited to fractures of this nature.

4. Supplemental Materials

For additional information, please refer to these handouts.

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