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Hospice Comprehensive Assessment and Plan of Care

presented by Cathleen Armato, RN, CHC

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The hospice comprehensive assessment is the first step in patient-centered care. By completing a focused assessment with all of the appropriate elements, the hospice interdisciplinary team member can work with the patient and family to support positive outcomes. This course reviews Medicare requirements for a comprehensive assessment, including elements, frequency, and what and how to document. Additionally, appropriate quantifiable tools will be discussed. From the comprehensive assessment, the interdisciplinary team members will develop a patient-centered plan of care that will serve as a road map for all visits. This plan should include measurable goals and interventions that support meeting those goals. As the patient condition changes, the plan of care will need to be updated. These two components--the comprehensive assessment and the plan of care--form the basis of all hospice care and services. By understanding these tools, team members can demonstrate following the standards of care and best practices, and more importantly, achieving positive and patient-driven outcomes.

Meet Your Instructor

Cathleen Armato, RN, CHC

Cathleen Armato is an experienced executive with 22 years in the home care and hospice industry. She has served in various roles during that time, including VP of operations and chief compliance officer for a nationwide healthcare provider. In 2012, Cat became a consultant. Since that time, she has assisted multiple organizations with their compliance…

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1. Why the Focus on the Hospice Comprehensive Assessment and Plan of Care?

The comprehensive assessment drives the plan of care. This chapter describes this assessment and how it is used to create a roadmap for all care and services. This chapter also reviews the governmental focus on patient-centered care and how these all fit together.

2. The Comprehensive Assessment

To complete a comprehensive assessment, it is important to have a strong understanding of the elements and frequency requirements. In this chapter the regulatory requirements are reviewed as well as appropriate tools to support care and services.

3. The Plan of Care: A Roadmap for Each Visit

The plan of care is designed to support the patient and family needs that were identified in the comprehensive assessment. This chapter reviews patient- and family-centered care oriented to achieve measurable goals. Incidents, events, complications, and risk factors will also be discussed as well as coordination and collaboration with facilities.

4. Quality Measures

Medicare is increasingly focused on positive outcomes. In order to support this goal, new quality measures and reports are required. This chapter reviews these monitoring methods and requirements.

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