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Leveraging Measurement to Inform Athlete Readiness in ACL Rehab (Recorded Webinar)

presented by Robert J. Butler, PhD, DPT, CSCS, MHFA

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Video Runtime: 61 Minutes; Learning Assessment Time: 1 Minute

This course is a recording of a previously hosted live webinar event. Polling and question submission features are not available for this recording. Format and structure may differ from those of standard MedBridge courses.

Determining whether an athlete is ready to play following ACL reconstruction is a complex task that has become increasingly complicated by the ever-growing list of technologies available to assist with this process. The goal of this webinar is to outline a readiness-to-play model that takes the practitioner from post-op to preseason to ensure the athlete has a baseline level of function to reenter the team ecosystem after the completion of ACL rehabilitation. The webinar will cover everyday options available in any clinic environment, as well as touch on higher-level technologies that require greater resources, to facilitate the translation of the content from the webinar to the clinical setting.

Learning Objectives
  • Determine a progressive list of methods that can be beneficial to monitor during ACL rehab
  • Apply a progressive loading model using ground reaction force data to analyze athlete competency with force production and attenuation
  • Analyze how different movements create varied demands on the body that should be considered when increasing functional demands during rehabilitation exercises
  • Link the benefit of tracking fitness as a standard part of monitoring when establishing readiness for sport participation
  • Examine the benefits of monitoring nutrition and recovery during the rehabilitation process
  • Meet Your Instructor

    Robert J. Butler, PhD, DPT, CSCS, MHFA

    Robert Butler currently serves as the director of performance for the St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Organization, overseeing athlete care and physical performance training. Dr. Butler received his bachelor of science degree in biology from Marietta College in 1999 and his master of science degree in movement science with a concentration in biomechanics from Springfield College…

    Read full bio

    Chapters & Learning Objectives

    1. What’s the Destination Postcard?

    Chapter 1 will help practitioners identify the goal of rehab and what information they need to feel certain that they have met that goal.

    2. What Checklists Can We Use to Monitor Our Progress as We Increase Readiness for Sport Participation?

    Chapter 2 will describe a protocol that can assist with assessing functional return as strength, power, and fitness improve during the rehabilitation process.

    3. Are We Ready for Preseason?

    In Chapter 3, we will reflect on what the end of rehab is intended to look like and whether we have ensured the athlete is ready for entry-level sport participation. Areas athletes should monitor as they prepare for high-level sport performance will be discussed.

    4. Question and Answer Session

    In this chapter, questions that were submitted during the live webinar event are answered by Robert J. Butler.

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