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Resilience in Respiratory Therapy

presented by Joel M. Brown II, MSM-HCA, RRT, FAARC

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Financial: Joel Brown is the CEO and founder of Arrived Leadership, LLC. He receives compensation from MedBridge for this course. There is no financial interest beyond the production of this course.

Nonfinancial: Joel Brown is the executive director and founder of the Brojora Scholarship Fund, Inc. He is also president of the executive board for Delaware Guidance Services, Inc., and vice-chair of the board for Leadership Delaware, Inc. Joel is also chair of the Leadership and Management Section of the American Association for Respiratory Care. He has no other competing nonfinancial interests or relationships with regard to the content presented in this course.

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Video Runtime: 44 Minutes, Learning Assessments: 16 Minutes

Pandemics, exposure to death and dying, and staffing concerns can make it difficult to continue providing the care our patients need. Respiratory therapists must persevere through many of these difficult moments as frontline caregivers. Burnout, compassion fatigue, and workplace stressors are inherent in our profession. The key is to recognize when your resilience is weak and know how to respond so you can continue to care for your community. Resilience is the ability to recover. The goal is to recover and come out better. This lecture is designed to provide learners with tools to identify the signs of work-related compassion fatigue, stress, and burnout. It will also identify practical skills to help you and your coworkers manage stressful situations.

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Joel M. Brown II is the CEO and founder of Arrived Leadership (AL), LLC. His career has a proven track record of developing high-potential leaders and creating high-performing teams and functions. He is recognized internationally for his clinical and leadership lectures, research, and publications. After 30 years of healthcare and military experience, he was inspired…

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Chapters & Learning Objectives

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1. Defining Burnout, Stress, and Compassion Fatigue

This chapter will introduce work-related burnout, stress, and compassion fatigue, as well as workforce diversity, inclusion, and equity. The speaker will provide practical definitions that relate to the respiratory care profession.

2. Understanding the Impact of COVID-19

The COVID-19 virus increased the demand for respiratory therapists like nothing we have ever seen before. This chapter will discuss the impact COVID had on our profession and our resilience. A case study is provided to enhance the learning experience.

3. The Crucial Role of RTs in Crisis

Respiratory therapists have always taken a key role during a medical crisis. Because of the cardiopulmonary impact of the COVID-19 virus, RTs have been placed in the spotlight. In this chapter, the speaker will review this phenomenon and the research that speaks to its impact on resilience.

4. Applicable Self-Care Strategies to Recharge Your Battery

Self-care is one of the primary tools used to maintain resilience. In this chapter, the speaker will share several techniques to enhance wellness for yourself and your team. Work–life balance, professional engagement, and community involvement are just a few tools reviewed in this chapter. A case study is used to enhance the learning experience.

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