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Treatment of Patellofemoral Joint Disorders

presented by Terry Malone, PT, EdD, AT-Ret

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Video Runtime: 69 Minutes, Learning Assessments: 31 Minutes

Anterior knee pain or patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) is one of the most discussed conditions involving the knee. This condition is extremely common and remains a challenging presentation for both patient and clinician. This course is designed to provide the rehabilitation literature that has enhanced our understanding and treatment of these patients and outline protocols for management of PFPS based on underlying anatomy. Four suggested protocols are given that match selected patients with matched interventions.

Meet Your Instructor

Terry Malone, PT, EdD, AT-Ret

Dr. Terry Malone received his EdD and MSPT from Duke University in North Carolina and his BA from Bluffton College in Ohio. At Duke, he served as the initial sports physical therapist and was the coordinator of the Sports Medicine Clinic. He served as the initial chairperson of the Sports Specialization Council of the APTA…

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Chapters & Learning Objectives

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1. PFPS: What Does the Literature Say?

Early and emerging literature has provided a context for exercise design and application in these patients. Too often, we use good-sounding exercises rather than watching our patients and listening to their impressions.

2. Specifics of Exercise: What We Should Select From

This chapter outlines exercise progression related to both EMG and function. Open- and closed-chain concepts are explored.

3. How to Implement a PFPS Protocol

Listen to your patients, and soon you will recognize a single approach to PFPS is not likely to succeed on a regular basis. Four protocols (instability, friction, tension, and compression) are presented to match patient issues with selected rehabilitation progressions.

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